Beef / Buffalo

Frozen Boneless Articles

Boneless beef and manufacturing beef are packed to a standard weight 18-21kg (39.6lbs-46.29lbs) in polythene-lined board cartons. It is standard practice to include manufacturing grade steers and heifers in the manufacturing pack. Meat derived from cows is packed separately.

Frozen Boneless Compensated

Consists wholly of bull meat derived from both fore and hindquarters, which have been boned out and blended in the one pack.

A blended pack wholly of cow meat derived from both fore and hindquarters, and blended in the one pack.

Trimmings is the term for all usable meat that remains after the preparation of other beef packs. Visual or chemical lean content must be specified.


  • Goat
  • Lamb

ABSCO prides itself on offering the highest and most consistent quality premium Mutton & Lamb in the world market. This premium grass -fed small animal’s is sourced from the lush green pastures , regarded as one of the finest natural goat & lamb-producing region in the world.

We offer our Customers chilled carcass packed in cotton bags according to the destination Country and customer specific requirements.



A full range of beef and goat/sheep offal products trimmed to the specific requirements of customers in different global markets.

We can provide all types of offal and pack it according to each customer’s market needs, including chilled or frozen, Vacuum packed, individually wrapped, Layer Packed, Multi Wrapped or Tray packed

Our entire product is slaughtered and prepared under stringent hygiene regulations according to the exacting standards laid down by International health and quarantine authorities.


The complete liver with portal lymph glands retained, gall bladder and all fat removed.


The whole kidney. Blood vessels, ureter, capsule and fat removed.


  • Short Cut

The root, trachea, most salivary glands and the excess fat are removed, but hyoid bone, submaxillary glands, remain. The sublingual gland is retained.

  • Swiss Cut

The portion of the tongue remaining after the removal of the hyoid bone, a severe fat trim, and removal of excess muscle from underneath the tongue.

  • Roots

Tongue root derives from a tongue – long cut, and is the soft tissue surrounding the throat organs. Additional specifications:

  • Tongue root fillets retained or removed.


The lungs are prepared by the removal of the trachea.


Whole Heart.


  • Papillae On

The whole of the muscle, together with mouth lining, covering upper and lower jaw. All glands retained.

  • Papillae Off

Square cut and trimmed, with papillae, glands and tip removed.




The rumen without the honeycomb or reticulum. Opened and rinsed clean, then cooked. Additional specifications:

  • Degree of fat trim.
  • Degree of cooking
  • raw scalded,
  • cooked or
  • cooked and bleached.


The whole cleaned, Washed and Trimmed Rectum and Omusum salted and dried whereas sun dried can be processed upon requirement.